Improving patient care with VieVie in Vietnam

It’s an unfortunate reality that in an overloaded healthcare system, the amount of time doctors are able to spend with individual patients is limited.  VieVie, the app-based healthcare company headquartered in Vietnam, is on a mission to change this by providing doctors the opportunity to support a wider variety of patients while utilising the latest in tech innovation.

Using VieVie, patients can chat directly with doctors and fully describe their problems” says Dr. Bui Quoc Viet, who has been working with VieVie since 2017.

In hospitals, doctors will often only have 3-5 minutes for each patient and as such, limited ability to follow-up on their own advice”, he continues.

It’s a problem that not only frustrates doctors – who don’t have the time they need to guide patients through healthier lifestyle choices – but also families, who are concerned that their loved ones aren’t receiving the level of care they need.

Due to hospital overcrowding patients often have insufficient time with a doctor

VieVie provides a meaningful bridge that connects doctors to patients and a place where they can chat as long they need to and then reconnect at any time,” he says, “almost like a family member.”

Dr. Truong Vinh Thai, another doctor working with VieVie, agrees.

Most websites can only provide very general, unverified information that is usually skewed by product advertising that is of no use,” he said.

Advice given through VieVie comes from qualified health professionals, is based on a person’s true needs and allows for a true conversation that ensures patients fully understand their conditions.


Quickly establishing itself as a trusted platform for doctor-patient communication since it began operating in 2017, the advantages of VieVie have become clear to over 50,000 active users.

Patients in Vietnam will often either ignore or Google their symptoms and then misunderstand what they mean,” says Dr. Viet.

If they begin seeing side-effects after taking medicine, they will likely stop taking it and fail to treat the original condition.

Each body is different, so at VieVie we recognise that it’s a doctor’s responsibility to personalize the treatment, not recommend one cure-all for everyone.

In addition, VieVie’s nursing team is there to ensure that the right cases are assigned to the right doctors according to their area of specialty. VieVie’s doctors gain access to a huge network of health professionals when they join, meaning they are able to communicate freely with each other as a means of sharing knowledge.


Aside from helping doctors to manage existing patients in their own time, working with VieVie has proven beneficial for two other reasons, according to Dr. Le Thu Trang.

Like many doctors I’ve had a passion for innovation and technology for a long time,” she said, “and I think this application of it is already making real, positive changes to people’s lives.

Since joining VieVie, because of it’s easy interaction and visibility online, I’ve now consulted patients from every province in Vietnam with a variety of health issues. This has improved my overall practice.

After I graduated from medical school I only seemed to attend to the same illnesses every day at the hospital,” Dr. Trang continued. “This consolidated my education, but it didn’t challenge me to learn more.

Dr. Trang talks to the community in a village outside Hanoi about the benefits VieVie can provide

Working at VieVie motivates me to do this because of the network of doctors  I’m connected to. All of them want to learn, improve patient outcomes and also have fun.

Helping Real People

While forming a valuable community has been a positive by-product of the app, it’s VieVie’s doctors attitudes toward patient care that underlines the healthcare company’s reason for being.

If I think about why I joined VieVie, the answer is very simple,” Dr. Trang said, “I like helping people and through this app I feel that I am able to do this.

I can also work from home, be with my children and continuously consult with my patients, so I think this is the next big thing in healthcare.

Acknowledging his own passion and that of his colleagues for helping patients – including VieVie’s nursing team who not only connect patients with doctors but also make sure they are armed with the right information beforehand  – Dr. Viet points out another advantage of working online.

Because using VieVie creates real connections with real patients, my reputation as a doctor has grown,” he said. For Dr. Viet this has resulted in more referrals and access to a wider variety of patient types than hospital-based doctors usually have.

Generally speaking, in Vietnam, hospitals are a place that people won’t visit until a problem is seriously advanced. Having access to an app-based healthcare provider means patients are more likely to engage with their conditions via their smartphones before they reach that stage.


While not a replacement for face-to-face consultation, for general advice and the ability to maintain a long-term relationship that is affordable and convenient, VieVie’s popularity is proving that there is a better way to take care of patient needs.

Consulting on the app is more flexible than examining in the hospital,” said Dr. Thai, referring to the ability of VieVie’s doctors to manage when they go online. Currently, many doctors in Vietnam are forced to give out their personal contact information (social media accounts, mobile phones) in order to stay in touch with their patients. VieVie provides a less obtrusive way to stay in touch.

Dr. Viet consulting with a patient

By working with VieVie, aside from consulting directly with patients, doctors also have an opportunity to explore other professional development areas such as quality control, product design, scheduling, recruitment, operations and marketing. VieVie provides a solid training ground for those looking to develop managerial and administrative abilities – which are not typically available in a traditional medical facility.

Dr. Thai chats to a patient from a coffee shop

The income I earn in my free time has allowed me to develop my career,” says Dr. Thai. “The amount of time I can spend with patients in the app means I am better able to track their health, and it’s very easy to use.

My communication skills and understanding of patients have improved, and through VieVie I am better able to explain simple medical issues, give advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, explain illnesses and encourage people to always follow up on their health concerns, which is not always the case in Vietnam.

To join VieVie as a consulting physician get in touch with us today. Contact us on 028 73056655 or to find out how you can start improving patient care in Vietnam  and furthering your career in medicine.