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    Connect with the right doctor anytime

    View doctors's profile

    Chat or Ask a question with doctor

    Have a phone call and shares image or medical results with doctor during call

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    Fast response

    Patient care

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What patients saying

Ms. Diem Trang 27 - Pharmacist - HCMC

“This application helps me a lot in taking care of my baby’s health and myself.”

I have been used VieVie for a long time, since my first baby was born. My baby is anorexic so I often ask about nutrition for him.
Recently. I had an ectopic pregnancy. I was quite worried about my health. But after Dr. Hai’s adviced on eating, training, I got more assurance. The doctor also advised me how to get pregnant again later. I am very pleased about the doctor and application.


Ms. Thanh Thuy 23 years old - Ba Ria - Vung Tau

“I often use VieVie to get consult from the doctor about any health problems of myself and my family. I’m very satisfied. Many thanks to the doctor for always accompanying me and my kid. The consultant of doctors is very enthusiastic ”

In the first time to be a mother, I dont have a lot of experience to take care of my kid. I think there are some signs that are not so important to have to go to the hospital. So I asked the doctor on VieVie. After getting the doctor’s advice, I feel much better. The doctor also provides many useful and necessary information. 5 stars for the doctors.
One of the issues that I got consulted with the VieVie doctor was about my baby that was umbilical cord. VieVie doctor counsult how to fix it, without going to the hospital. Or when my baby was rash. At first I thought she had dengue fever, but according to the doctor, just followed two more days then it would go away, and that was correct. Then my baby’s health was much better.


Ms. Thao Nguyen 24 - Housewife - Tay Ninh Province

“I have been consulted by the VieVie doctor for over 35 cases until now. I am very pleased with the doctor, great. Thank you doctor who is always belong me and my baby ”

I know VieVie through my friend. I like using VieVie GOLD, because I can choose more doctors. My house is very far away from Ho Chi Minh City so it is very difficult to find a good hospital near by. I tried VieVie and was consulted very enthusiastic by VieVie doctor. I feel very satisfied. Dr. VieVie assisted me a lot in answering questions when I could not go to hospital.
I often ask about my baby, and also the development of the baby. My baby was born prematurely 5 months, movement development is slow. I got consulted since my baby couldn’t turn over. Now my baby can do it and she is 6 months old. Slowly but I’m happy.
Once my baby fell, it made me scared, but doctor Viet who advised to keep track of the baby’s condition, also helped me less panic. I also use VieVie to ask about the pills, how to use and how to preserve.


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