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Dr. Thai Nguyen Trai Hospital - HCMC

I am Dr. Truong Vinh Thai, now I am working at Nguyen Trai Hospital kidney – artificial kidney
Like other younger doctor, when I graduated, I have a lot of ambitions that can help a lot of people, patients. But actually, working at hospital, , I realize that our reality medical is very hard to do like I thought
Working at artificial kidney department, meeting with a lot of patients that in last period because of hypertension, diabetes for long time but they didn’t care about their healthcare, until they are in emergency they just know that they got kidney failure. I wish they can meet doctor earlier, understand more about their sickness, that can help them a lot
Every morning I come to the hospital, looking at a lot of patients that are getting a long line, changing my blouse and going inside, I see over 30 patients that are waiting. They look tired, worried. When I check up for them, I like consulting a lot about their sickness but if I do it, other people have to wait for very long so I just can spend a few minute for each person
That’s why when I knew VieVie that has a software to consult patients online, I wanted to join right away. Be the first staffs here, I finally can get my dream. With over 1000 cases, I can talk, text to help a lot of people in everywhere of Vietnam, I can consult even very minor or very serious problems
I remember a case, a girl asked about her mom’s problem, her mom just got sickness failure in 4th period, checked up and treatmented in Cho Ray Hospital. But doctors there didn’t explain about her status so everyone was so worried, she starved herself, depression because she thought she would be dead soon. I got that case, asked her to send me her test and prescription. Then I told her that her mom’s sickness was still in controlling, if she listened me and followed well then she still could be alive more long time and her life was still good. I guided her that to care ab her mom’s blood pressure, blood sugar, blood fat, have to eat healthy foods, advice how to take pills and reassure her, because the morale was very important. After a few weeks, she asked me again, when her mom got better and re-examined for her mom’s kidney function, HA was good, eating-drinking well, I continued to guide her what to do, how to follow. Since that time, everytime she takes her mom to hospital then she sends me questions. I didn’t expect that I don’t need to meet patients face to face but still can help them a lot, like what I do in hospital
When I consult, my target is always listening and empathy with patients, because I know that what they really need in their life. After every case, get a lot of good feedbacks, thanks that make me feel happy and good. VieVie helped a lot for patients and doctors too. Working in VieVie that help me can talk to patients like friends, families
Let’s connect with us, we will help you to reduce your health worries, solve your daily health problems, understand more about your sickness, get some ways to live healthy, food schedule and guide you the best way in your case. My aspiration that VieVie can help more people day by day, we always try our best to improve the consulting quality

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